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Water Resource Educational Hall

Water Resources Education Hall

Water Resources Educatio title
Water Resources Education Hall
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  In order to promote the Water Resources Conservation Awareness of the public, Taipei Water Department renovated the Clear Water Machine Room of the original Gongguan Purification Plant in Taipei Water Park and changed the pumping motor to be submersible that provides 420,000 ton water for 180,000 people in the neighboring area, and made available 500 square meters floor space (about 170 pings) and built into Water Resources Education Hall. The Hall was opened in May, 2006. The set up exhibition content originally had thematic posters exhibition area, rainwater utilization module, water conservation exhibition area, multimedia interactive exhibition, 3D film playing area and parent-child recreation area. Later, considering there are rooms for improvement in exhibition facility functions and water resources education, and the patterns need to transform into interactive, living and technological to provide more complete water resources educational environment to expand the attraction to people of different age groups. Hence, in 2008, NT$4 million was injected to promote Water Resource Education Hall exhibition function and redesigned with the knowledge in Knowing Water, Using Water and Treasuring Water as the basic concept. And, large screen interactive projection module and the exhibition panels to present in diversified form and to transmit the concept of sustainable water resources. For allowing the public to further experience water resources conservation concept, Taipei Water Department pioneer in the governmental bodies, produce and play 3D Carton Film, Water Monkey's Adventure – showing the lovely performance of cartoon figures, leading people to enter into virtual scene to sense the value of each drop of water resources.
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