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Admission Fee

Ticket Prices

admission fee
I.Open time
  1. Difference of areas:
    • The Aqua-friendly Experiencing and Education Area is different from Taipei Water Park in the operating scope and in-door facilities, they are of different system and the fare is separated from Taipei Water Park.
  2. Business Hours:
    • Taipei Water Park: Summer Period (from July 1 through Aug 31): open to public from 9:00 am till 6:00pm (Tickets offer up to 5:00pm); in period other than Summer Period: open to public from 9:00 am till 5:00pm (tickets offer till 4:00pm). Monday is the day off, but if Monday falls into continuous holiday, it is still open to the public.
    • Aqua-Friendly Experiencing and Education Area:Open to the public from 6:00 am till 10:00 pm. Monday off.
  3. Entry manner:
    • Taipei Water Park: Walk 5 minutes from Exit 4 of MRT Gongguan Station toward Siyuan Street.
    • Aqua-Friendly Experience & Education Area: Walk 3 minutes from No. 1 Exit of MRT Gongguan Station toward Section 3, Tingzhou Road.
  4. Other requirements:
    • Water Play Area of Taipei Water Park: It would be more convenient to in swim suit for water play, but not required
    • Aqua-Friendly Experience & Education Area: It is required to be in swim suit, swim cap in indoor area and outdoor area shall be in swim suit.
II. Taipei Water Park Fare: (for further information, please call 02-8733-5678, 02-8369-5104
Ticket Prices
Applicable periodRegularConcessionsGroup

Group of 30+

20% off

Non-Summer Period
  • Concessions
    --Children under 12 years old
  • Free
    --Children less than 115 cm tall or under 6 years old
    --Citizens over 65 years old
    -- People with disabilities and one accompanying person
    -- Volunteer holding volunteer card
  • For additional information
    *Group for wedding gown photographing in concessions fare.
    *Visitor presenting current day ticket stub of Aqua-Friendly Experiencing & Education Area is allowed to enter in concessions fare.
    *One ticket for one person and valid for current day and not refundable.
    *Ticket with corner torn, without date or chop of the Park or past due shall be invalid.
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    • Source: Taipei Water Department